As I write this, I’m closing out one more cycle of subscriptions for the Committing to Your Writing Practice workshop subscription I run, and it makes me think of how often students ask me “How do you stay committed to writing in the face of everything else in your life?”. Too…
(and new directions for this newsletter)
Or: Life Lessons from the Pottery Wheel, Part 1
"And what is more generous than a window?" - Pat Schneider
(and again)
I don’t write every day. I never have. I don’t work with clay everyday either. Nor sketch, bake, journal, garden, or any other of my creative practices…
I found my way to Substack mostly because I missed blogging. Years ago, before Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp were a thing, I used to write long blog…
Yesterday was Diwali, and this past week was the first Diwali of meeting people since 2019. My family has never been big on celebrations of any kind…
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Drawing the Chicken