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What beautiful articulation of contradictions

"And even in less dramatic circumstances than post-surgery, there are days when I will prioritise attending a friend’s father’s funeral over hitting my word count for the day. Or when I will choose a walk in beautiful weather over a day in front of screens. Or when I’d rather curl up and read than write. Or when I will forfeit my morning journaling in favour of 20 minutes of throwing a ball around for my kitten to chase. And none of those makes me less of a writer.'' -

All this is still productive and enriching and necessary things. I some times end up just in my bed scrolling. And feel guilty of not doing anything to achieve my goals or nurture my hobbies. However this nudges me to think what is better than mindlessly scrolling? - taking a nap? watching critically acclaimed series/movies instead of scrolling mindlessly? Is going window shopping still better than scrolling? None of these alternatives are enriching or necessary. But still thinking on it :)

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This is so encouraging: thank you.

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